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C is teaching a CPR class today, and I work until midnight, so 1am when he is snuggled in bed is never a time for pondering life altering questions.  I couldn’t gather the strength to call him and have to form the words from my mouth, so I chickened out and sent him the text instead.”Okay so Hungary is open to Canadians adopting, the children are between 3 and 7.  Do you want to adopt a boy at the age of 3?” I took a deep breath.. my palms sweaty holding my blackberry in my hand.  I waited for his reply.  What feels like 2 hours was really only a matter of moments before my blackberry sprung to life.   I was ready to tell him the pros and cons of adopting an older child, cons being we miss the baby experience, the diaper changing the late nights, the many firsts most parents cherish, the bonding issues.  Then I came up with the pros, we miss the diaper changes, the late nights, the highchairs, cribs, dog-proofing, the ever changing car seats, mega strollers, baby stuff that if we were to adopt a younger child would be used for about 4 months and then turfed.  The pro that he can walk, talk, and the potty training is done, we eat the same foods, the kids in the neighbourhood are around the same age, we can begin the fun stuff now, the sports, hockey, and swimming, learning, exploring and the understanding.  I closed my eyes and opened the message.  Just one word.  “YES!!”

On a side note, I took Bryan to the vet this morning as for the past few days when he jumped on the bed or ran up the stairs he has done something to himself and ends up yelping and screaming in pain, requires holding and consoling for 10 minutes as he cries, shakes and whimpers.  It is so heartbreaking to see, and rather frightening to hear (I worry the neighbours think we are beating him).  Well our Bryan true to form mention vet and he is “all better now, thanks”.  Isn’t he doing cartwheels and all tail wags for the ladies behind the counter, doesn’t he show the vet that he is as limber as a Russian gymnast, allowing the Dr. to manipulate his joints in every fashion with a look of ease and smug satisfaction upon his face.  I am sure he was laughing all the way home after I paid $45 to waste the vets time yet again.  I think he has a crush on the Vets assistant.  So Bryan is on ‘doggie rest’ no running, jumping, major walks or playing for 2 weeks.  We are hopeful that it will get better. 


Bulcsú:  Hungarian origin meaning Sollemn Farewell.

Was a heroic 7th cousin of Atilla the Hun, who died in battle around X century.

Bulcsú is the name we have chosen for our adopted son. 

This is our journal, our journey and our story to seek Bulcsú.  We have been trying to start a family for 4.5 years.  We have suffered 7 pregnancy losses and failed several fertility treatments.  Infertility has at times distanced us and many other times brought us closer together.  When our last FET ended in another chemical pregnancy, the thought of trying IVF again frightened us, but the thought of adopting a child excited us.  So the spark from that thought has turned into a flame.  When we told our parents of our intentions, they have added fuel to that fire and now it is a family quest.  C is my Dh and the last in his family to carry the name.  To have a boy is a gift of continuing C’s family name in his honour. 

We have literally just begun the process.  We are hoping to adopt from Hungary, but there is a great deal of red tape involved.  The first hurdle was to find an agency that would apply to the Ontario government for a one time licence to adopt from a country they are not licenced to adopt in (no one in Ontario has a licence for Hungarian adoptions).  Well we found one that is willing, and now we have to call the Hungarian authorities to see if they will allow an adoption to occur to Canada.  So C’s mom, fluent in Hungarian, is calling on Monday, then we have the issue of a social worker, we need to find one that is able to preform homestudies for an international adoption.  Our mothers are very excited for us. Both are looking for their ways to help, C’s mom with her Hungarian abilities and the legalities of it all, and my mom is off walking dogs to raise some extra cash for the adoption.   

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