Bulcsú: Hungarian origin meaning Sollemn Farewell. Was a heroic 7th cousin of Atilla the Hun, who died in battle around X century. Bulcsú is the name we have chosen for our adopted son. This is our journal, our journey and our story to seek Bulcsú. We have been trying to start a family for 4.5 years. We have suffered 7 pregnancy losses and failed several fertility treatments. Infertility has at times distanced us and many other times brought us closer together. When our last FET ended in another chemical pregnancy, the thought of trying IVF again frightened us, but the thought of adopting a child excited us. So the spark from that thought has turned into a flame. When we told our parents of our intentions, they have added fuel to that fire and now it is a family quest. C is my Dh and the last in his family to carry the name. To have a boy is a gift of continuing C’s family name in his honour.