Wow, since all I do is sleep eat and work as of late its surprising that I even managed to get some progress on our homestudy. 

  • References
  • Order New Birth Certificate (T)
  • Find Birth Certificate (C)
  • Marriage Licence
  • Registration
  • Police Checks
  • Fingerprints Sent
  • Passport Renewal
  • Adoption Questionnaire
  • Home Safety Checklist

Work has obviously been extremely busy and painful for the past week, but at the same time it does go by fast, but you work like a dog the entire time, and “clients” are not anymore pleasant, but at the same time the OT is racking in and I have enough CT time saved to make my own 4 on 4 off, even if management won’t offer us one.  My only worry is that we won’t have this settled anytime soon and it reflects badly on our homestudy.