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Wow, since all I do is sleep eat and work as of late its surprising that I even managed to get some progress on our homestudy. 

  • References
  • Order New Birth Certificate (T)
  • Find Birth Certificate (C)
  • Marriage Licence
  • Registration
  • Police Checks
  • Fingerprints Sent
  • Passport Renewal
  • Adoption Questionnaire
  • Home Safety Checklist

Work has obviously been extremely busy and painful for the past week, but at the same time it does go by fast, but you work like a dog the entire time, and “clients” are not anymore pleasant, but at the same time the OT is racking in and I have enough CT time saved to make my own 4 on 4 off, even if management won’t offer us one.  My only worry is that we won’t have this settled anytime soon and it reflects badly on our homestudy. 


For getting us started on our Forever Family Fund. 


Please don’t hesitate to donate! The cost is enormous! about 55 thousand dollars Canadian, so every little bit can help. Please do not send us gifts on our birthdays, anniversary, or any other time.

Thank you to my mom for sending us the gift of 140$ USD.

Last Wednesday we traveled to Hogtown to meet a bunch of strangers and talk about our chances of adopting from the (other) land of hockey and blond babes.  We entered a non descript small office at the edge of a strip business mall.  Pictures flooded the eyes as soon as you walked in, pinned to the drywall and cork-boards from every angle, maps of Canada and Russia lined the empty spaces where there were no pictures and the rest of the space was filled with bookcases.  No need to paint the walls, there is love covered all over them in smiles and chubby cheeks.  I have to be honest in saying I was relieved to see that the office was so humble, yet warm, meaning the big money spent is not going to hire designers to put the customer in a “buying” mood.  We went through the process, step by step And I was very confident in the agency by the time we left.

Since then our lives have flipped upside down yet again.  Bryan our oldest dog at 2.5 years has been diagnosed with Lupus.   We have been giving him antibiotics for a urinary tract infection and some prednisone to stop the flare up from the lupus.  He really is the sweetest dog you will ever meet.  He is improving a little on the prednisone, so I am hoping we can keep up with it for a few years not months.

 Still on the adoption front, we have our first homestudy interview tomorrow.  So there is a lot of things to do.  Wash the carpets, dust everything, put things away.  Tidy up.  So I will be running ragged trying to have everything semi normal in this house for the Social Workers visit. 

I think I have figured the customary donation that I wish to give the orphanage when we go to Russia.  A friend had mentioned that she went to an adoption seminar and that the couple had said this 13 year old girl was always reaching into peoples photos, hoping to get noticed so that she too could be adopted someday.  We can’t give this girl a home, or the commitment of adopting her as we are so young ourselves, but I would like to help out the oldest girl at the orphanage.  Something that would empower her and allow her to make something of herself, and realise that she has the self worth even if its not with a family overseas. 

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