There was something that hit me this week, something profound and unusually calming.  Something that felt like a hand on back with a warm embrace saying that yes it will be tough, but everything will come out ok.  It was in the form of a smile, and a giggle of a little girl. She was returning with her foster family from Orlando, there were 4 kids.  Laughing and enjoying every moment.  A girl in her teens, the hardest years of a girls life, greet me with confidence and a smile that made you forget in a split moment about the tracheal tube she had coming from her neck.  The little girl in the stroller giggling and all too happy to show you her latest family edition, a stuffed Mickey Mouse, giggles and says he has more hair than she does, because she has only a little peach fuzz left from her chemo treatment.  They were returning from Orlando for Childrens Wish foundation. The foster parents, super human people, opening their hearts and their homes and sharing every moment to make these kids happy.  They can bond, they can laugh.  They have become a family.  I had to ask, be nosey for just a moment.  Her secret to bonding with a child that isn’t hers, she placed her hand on my back and said, the moment you hold them, they are yours.