Our Barbie box was opened :-o!!  Yesterday when I contacted the agency, She tells me that a second family also interested in adopting from Hungary was told that it wasn’t possible to adopt from there.  WTF?  MIL had called and spoke to someone, but she didn’t get a name.  I was dismayed, but, we were told yes but I think we should safely get a name and the official requirements from Hungary to continue at this point.  So I wrote up a fax and had it translated and sent it to the Hungarian Office.  Hoping to hear from them soon. 

On the homestudy front we have our first appointment on February 7th.  OK no panick there, she is coming to the house too.  Oh god, I have barely scratched one thing off my list and she is coming to the house.  No worries.  eek!!

 On the Bryan front, he seems to be doing well.  He hasn’t been jumping like mad, and at least there hasn’t been any screaming sessions.