Anyone who knows me, knows I am very patriotic.  If I wasn’t I wouldn’t do the job I do.  I will at any time stand up for my country.  But I often feel like she has betrayed me for my many years of devotion.  I can’t help but make a snide comment or laugh at our Prime Ministers constant remarks about putting Canadian Families first, when this government is left in the pre electicity era on assisted reproduction and alternative parenting.  Its almost a slap in the face for those couples struggling to make ends meet.  The government uses the excuse of poor birth rates in Canada to pump up immigration, yet they do nothing to assist couples who don’t have that “oops” kid.  Couples undergoing fertility treatments in Canada are rarely covered by government health care, or private employment benefits.  One round of IVF usually takes the toll of $10,000,  the exception to having this proceedure done is if both fallopian tubes are blocked, at which point the province will cover 3 IVF treatments.  I see many of us praying for blocked tubes.  So after we have been shaken for every last penny, taxed to the wazoo.  I was naturally pissed off to watch Gobal News reporting on Canada’s first sextuplets in Vancouver and having the GALL to say that if this couple had IVF , that they should be paying for the birth of these children as well!!  Why don’t we cap a limit on welfare parents, after 2 children you must pay for the birth of your third, fourth, fith, sixth.   Heck why stop there! Smokers, pay for your cancer treatments, Diabetics, pay for your angioplasty since you ate yourself into this.  I know I will not be watching Global from now on. 

So after we have spent over $60,000 in treatments, we are looking at adoption.  It was only last year that the McGuinty government here in Ontario finally waivered the $960.00 adoption finalization fee, but we are still paying $30,000.00 to adopt, of which much of this money goes back to the government in immigration sponsorship fees, paying federal, provincial and municipal governments to apostillize documents, and paying social workers.  There are no federal grants, loans or programs in place to assist couples unless they wish to adopt a child with special needs in Ontario.  I guess its too much to ask for a healthy child after all the IF heartbreak.   I was checking my benefits for adoption leave, which one would assume are the same as maternity leave.  Nope no luck, its 50 weeks max, I am covered by EI but my top up ends at the 36 week mark, and my spouse cannot take any of this time or it comes from my 36 week alottment.  But if I had that “oops” baby I would get that full year with my top up right through the 52 weeks.  So much for putting families first Mr Harper.